Welcome to the Banad Law Offices, P.C., where the client’s needs and expectations are our first priority. We represent clients throughout New York, New Jersey, Queens
Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.
In India we have offices in Bengaluru/Bangalore and in Mumbai. We also represent several overseas clients located in countries from around the world.
We are a law firm primarily focusing the practice on U.S. Immigration and Nationality law.




Our offices are conveniently located in Manhattan, New York across from the US Immigration Federal Building and in Queens, New York, right near St. Johns University, about 15 minutes from the USCIS Garden City Field Office. We have also have offices in Mumbai and in the heart of Bengaluru/Bangalore, India, the IT, Education, and Business Hub of the country; to serve the wide variety of Individuals and Organizations in the Sub-Continent that are in need of help with U.S. Immigration and Nationality law.

We welcome you to review our website for any additional general information which you may find useful or feel free to contact us, either through this website or at our offices. We encourage you to schedule a consultation and speak with Mr. Dev Banad Viswanath, Esq. or one of the associates.

We look forward to representing you in all of your U.S. Immigration & Nationality needs.


Practices Area

The Banad Law Offices, P.C is a full service law firm focusing primarily on legal matters involving Immigration and Nationality Law with an emphasis on Family-Based Immigration, Removal/Deportation Proceedings, Non-Immigrant Visas and Consular Processing. In addition, we do represent employers and other entities in sponsoring aliens to come to the United States to perform some duty.

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U.S. citizenship may be acquired either at birth or through naturalization subsequent to birth.

U.S. citizenship offers a person many rights and privileges.
We can help you with advice about which documents to submit, explain immigration options that you may have and we will communicate with USCIS about your case.

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A U.S. citizen or a Green Card holder (permanent resident), can petition for certain family members to immigrate to the United States as permanent residents based on their relationship.

People who want to come to United States to work must meet certain criteria and each criteria has different requirements.

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Once your immigrant petition is approved and you have a visa number, you can apply for lawful permanent resident status (a Green Card). If you are outside of United States, you will need to apply for an Immigrant Visa in order to come to United States. We can assist you with your consular processing.


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Follow latest news within the immigration world. Read the latest articles and commentary about immigration reform.

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186-09 Union Turnpike, 2nd FL Fresh Meadows, NY 11366 Queens Consultations Available By Appointment (Very close to St. John’s University)

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