The H-1B Visa has become a somewhat mythical visa category over the years. It’s the visa everybody wants and thus it is the visa that receives the most attention. The laws regarding the H-1B Visa constantly change; interested candidates should stay informed about the frequent updates to the law.

The H-1B Visa allows foreign workers in “specialty occupations” to enter the U.S. and work in a variety of fields, including Architecture, Engineering, Modeling, Medicine, and Health. This visa is sometimes used to hire workers for the Department of Defense. The H-1B Visa offers a wide range of employment possibilities and is a substantial first step toward permanent immigration.

This visa is issued in three-year increments, for a maximum of six years.

Applicants must have a U.S. Bachelor’s Degree in their specialty or a license in fields that require licensing, such as teaching or pharmacy. The visa is not self-petitioned, which means you will need an employer to sponsor you. You can stay in the U.S. for up to six years, after which you are required to leave the U.S. for at least one year before being eligible again.

Your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 may join you in the U.S. under H-4 status. However, they are not permitted to work unless they personally qualify for a work visa.